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Prisma Electronics SA

Prisma Electronics S.A. was initially established in 1991 in Alexandroupolis, NorthEastern Greece. Progressively the Company, by staying dynamically in track with the increasing needs and demands of the information systems market and participating in parallel in the technological revolution of the digital technology, expanded the technical services and range of products offered. This leaded to providing solutions to customers in provinces, since these, till then could only be found in urban areas, leading the Company to be the specialised IT and telecommunications partner in the region.

Prisma Electronics S.A. is considered as a specialized ICT systems partner in the region, keeping dynamically in track with the increasing needs of the IT systems market and actively participating in the revolution of the digital technology. In addition to the ICT SECTOR, in 1997 Prisma Electronics expanded its infrastructure, establishing the Electronics Sector and R&D activity. The Company employees are highly qualified individuals. Prisma Electronics invests in continuous training and upgrading its personnel's professional qualifications thus ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

International collaborations, consists the main developing factor at both national and international market. The main objective of company is the consolidation and award in the world market of information technology and electronic with intense activity in Europe and in USA.