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DANAOS Management Consultants SA

 Danaos Management Consultants found in 1986 by Dr J Koustas and Mr D. Theodosiou. In our days Danaos is a worldwide leader in maritime information systems with more than 700 client's wordwide. A network of subsidiaries (CY, USA, NO, IN, Germany) and representatives has been established to promote their services. Danaos Enterprise System is the unique ERP system in maritime and is designed from shipping to shipping. More than 3000 vessels utilize the on board danaos EIS version.

Danaos participated and participates in several EU Projects. Major participant in EU FP5 SEAROUTES Research program, FP6 INMARE, FP6 FLAGSHIP IP and currently in FP7 E-MAR

Danaos is the award winner of European business award for innovation (2010), of ICT EU prize nominee (2007).

One of Danaos research activities to be involved in the proposed context is the enrichment of the provide optimum weather routeing services and the refinement of its risk assessment and management module.

Danaos Risk@assessor is the dominant software with hundreds of clients based on FSA and bow-tie methodology