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Mobics Ltd

Mobics Ltd, funded in 2006, is a spin-off company of the University of Athens, providing research, consulting, and development services in the following domains: i) specifications, design and development of specialized applications for wireless systems and mobile communications, ii) mobile and pervasive computing, iii) integrated solutions for wireless value added network services (e.g., location based services, distributed databases, GIS applications and Web-based navigation applications) iv) cognitive networks and services (knowledge engineering in the networking domain and the domain of Value added services) v) networked multimedia (interactive TV services, IPTV), vi) management services for large scale ICT projects. Mobics possesses the know-how, the experience, the business culture and a proven technology platform for development and provision of mobile Value Added Services. The scientific staff of Mobics (both employees and individual contractual researchers) conveys significant expertise and state-of-the-art specialization in a broad spectrum of technologies. Such expertise originates in a series of National and European R&D initiatives (ACTS, FP6-ICT, FP-IST, etc.) in the area of Information and Communication Technologies. Mobics has participated in several European and National R&D Projects (e.g., FP7 SME ShoppingMate - http://www.shoppingmate.org, FP7 SME Grabel http://grabel.eclexys.com/). Mobics is also the owner of the Ploigos Web mapping service (http://www.ploigos.gr), which is the most popular application with maps and points of interest in Greece. Currently, Mobics executes two projects funded by the General Secretariat of Research and Technology. One of them is related to crisis management systems related to forest fires and the other one will implement a dynamic route guidance system for public transportation in city centers.