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ANEK Lines

ANEK Lines, founded in 1967, is administered by a 15 member board, and employs on average 1500 individuals in inland crews and Management Services. Its base is in Chania, Crete in privately owned ultra modern offices. The activity of ANEK in the passenger shipping industry began in September 1970. The large and modern fleet of ANEK currently includes 12 private ships, registered in the Greek ship register, which are certified by the International Safety and Quality Systems ISM & ISPS, ISO & HACCP respectively. In addition, by implementing the International Convention STCW 1995, relating to the quality of the crews (specialization, qualifications, experience, etc.), ANEK is generally acknowledged to have maintained one of the top positions in the area of international and domestic shipping.

Today, ANEK LINES belongs to the group of the most modern shipping companies, with a large European presence and great prestige. Since December 1998, with its listing in the Athens Stock Exchange, it has ensured its upward progress.

By enlarging its commercial network, by creating new routes, enhancing investment opportunities and challenges in the shipping field, by implementing well targeted marketing strategies which take into account all the specific peculiarities of each market, it efficiently and competitively activates its total potential as well as their large sales network and agencies which represent it, in Greece and Europe.

ANEK Lines was voted as the “Best Passenger Line of the Year 2009”, during the annual Awards Ceremony hosted by Lloyds List, that represents the press sector of the international organization that counts 250 years offering in the world of Shipping industry. ANEK LINES charmed the readers of internationally famous travel magazine CONDE NAST TRAVELLER who nominated it by an 85,78% rate as Top Ferry Company on Domestic and International Routes for 2009.

In June 1st 2011 ANEK signed a 3-year agreement with ATTICA GROUP S.A. for the provision of combined services by both companies’ vessels in the route Patras - Igoumenitsa – Ancona and the route Piraeus – Heraklion. This cooperation will boost both companies development and among others, will help them face the growing operational cost due to marine fuel excessive price increase.

ΑΝΕΚ Group serves more than 50 ports and more than 100 destinations on the Aegean routes (Piraeus - Chania, Piraeus -Heraklion, Cyclades, Piraeus - NE Aegean & Piraeus - Cyclades -Dodecanese, Intercyclades), on the Ionian routes (Patras - Igoumenitsa - Corfu) and on the Adriatic routes (Patras - Ancona and Patras - Venice). ANEK services its clients through a strategically dispersed offices network located at most European countries while in the domestic market the company operates a broad sales network deployed in mainland Greece as well as in the Islands. During 2010 ANEK’s transport activity depicted in numbers was 2.697.000 passengers, 447.000 vehicles and 252.000 trucks.

The company performs a great number of routes with stopovers and aiming at the highest possible level of satisfaction for its passengers, will acquire the capability, through this research project, to provide them special personalized services while travelling thus giving them the opportunity to make the most out of their stay on board.

ANEK as a project end-user will be involved in all WPs. It will allocate resources and offer ship infrastructure and previous experience from enterprise business practices and research projects. ANEK will integrate its sales/ticketing platform within the project and also cater for providing human end-users for the testing of the system. The company will disseminate the research outcomes to its affiliate company HELLENIC SEAWAYS S.A. as well as to the ATTICA GROUP shipping companies.

 The company has competent staff and up to date equipment required for the proper implementation of the proposed project. For connection to the Internet ANEK uses ADSL STATIC IP (PSTN) at various speeds and for its day-to-day operation the following programs: EXPERT System for sales management, ATOMO for payroll, General Accounting in-house developed accounting system and BTS (Booking and Ticketing System).

ANEK participates in an EC-funded research project (ASPIS) aiming at increasing passenger safety levels. Specifically, the project will develop a prototype monitoring system based on smart devices, which will record data in the case of important events, such as an explosion, etc. For this project a consortium with respectable companies has been formed, such as Thales Security Systems, Paris transports (metro and buses) and European Commission’s Joint Research Center (JRC).

Moreover, the company implements two research projects in the context of the COOPERATION research Greek program (POTA and MERIT), targeting prototype systems for telemonitoring and management of its fleet and seaway security management with RFIDs. The company has also implemented an e-security project, regarding the provision of new customer services by installing the respective equipment in travel agencies’ offices. Services include smart ticket issuing, updates on the company’s ships routes and status, etc.