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Computer Technology Institute and Press "DIOPHANTUS" is a non-profit Research organization, closely affiliated to the University of Patras. It is a financially and administratively independent research institute, currently under the supervision of the Hellenic Ministry of Education. CTI constitutes an integrated environment of scientific research, design and development of products and solutions. In continuous interaction with the academic community, the national and European informatics industry, the international scientific community and the public sector, CTI has evolved to an internationally renowned research institution in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Technology. CTI is operating according to the private sector regulations and is governed by its Board of Directors. CTI has been administrating large scale technologically advanced network and computer projects.

Photonic Networks and Technology Laboratory (PNET) of CTI, (http://ru1photonicslab.cti.gr/) will participate in the project. PNET lab has been recently founded in 2007 with donations from Bell-Laboratories, Corning S.A. and ETH Zurich. Its research guidelines can be organized under two categories. First it aims at the development of critical components for high-capacity optical transport networks and secondly at the development of novel fiber sensors and devices for sensing applications. Members of PNET lab have been actively involved in the European Network of Excellence, e-photon/ONe and BONE as well as in other European funded projects i.e. ICT-DICONET, IST-LASAGNE.

PNET lab is a well-equipped laboratory. Its infrastructure includes a diversity of electrical and lightwave test & measurement equipment and state-of-the art optical components. In particular PNET lab possesses a variety of components for WDM broadband communications (40G Electroabsorption Modulators, C & LEDFAs, Raman amplifiers, etc), a variety of electrical and lightwave testing equipment (BER testers, >10G pulse generators, >4GHz real time and >70GHz sampling oscilloscopes, tunable lasers, fsec lasers, UV-VIS-IR widaband lasers, OSA, wavelenght meters etc), various flow cells for fluorescence, absorbance sensing of liquid and air samples and various sampling accessories.