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The Consortium as a Whole
The Consortium  is made up by research providers, product developers, service providers and end users. Having such composition the Consortium is able to carry out the proposed research. All partners are well established in their respective fields. Coordinating (Lead) partner is PRISMA ELECTRONICS  SA, a medium size enterprise  with  prime  focus  on  electronics  and  information  technology.  PRISMA  has  participated  in numerous R&D projects both as technical partner as well as project coordinator and its management  team has over 10 years of related experience. Five (5) academic institutions will act as research providers, one(1) SME  will  act  as  product  developers  and  two (2)  large  companies  as  end  users.  Also  another  two  (2) companies that will be involved as sub-contractors will act as end users of the project proposed outcome. The  proposed  project  outcome  will  be  a  R&D  effort  by  the  five  academic  institutions  (NKUA,  CTI, KAVTECH,  ICCS-MFOL,  CERETETH)  that  will  be  transformed  and  integrated  into  working  product prototype  by  the  two  SME’s  (PRISMA,  MOBICS)  and  be  used  by  the  two  large  companies  (ANEK,
DANAOS). Of course all above partners will have an active role in every project phase and stage. The  two  sub-contractors  (Hellenic  Seaways  &  EPOS)  will  also  use  the  final  project  prototype  so  that  its concept and successfulness will be not only proven but more easily accepted as a complete solution to the problem that the R&D effort tries to solve.