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ML/ICCS holds a long-standing experience in design, development, simulation, testing and measurement of microwave components, subsystems and systems. The Lab is specialised in the research and development of a wide spectrum of topics in the frequency regions starting from low radio frequencies up to optical signals. These topics include:

  1. Microwave, Wireless & Millimetre Wave Technologies for design & development of Microwave / millimeter and Wireless Telecommunications Systems. Application areas are telecommunications, automatic control, signal processing and modeling.
  2. Optical Systems: ML/ICCS has a long time and extensive experience in studying, designing and developing of optical transmitters and receivers, and optical connections for the transmission of both analog and digital signals. The existing experience includes the study and design of new optical circuits and fiber waveguides, and also the design of super high speed electronic circuits which operate in Gbit/s.
  3. Antennas design, simulation, development and measurements,
  4. RF & Microwave Circuits Technologies, Design Simulation and Characterization,
  5. Computational Electromagnetics Technologies: Development / optimization / hybridization of computational electromagnetism techniques for solving microwave problems for high performance computing solving complex and large-scale electromagnetic problems, development of simulation tools (e.g. numerical modeling and computational algorithms for modeling and simulation of arrays etc).
  6. Radar and Remote Sensing Systems, Satellite Communications and Signal Processing: Development of digital microwave radio terminals (2-18 GHz), wireless modems using spread spectrum techniques, specific radar applications, processing systems / signal regeneration, software development for telecommunications control systems, Embedded systems and wireless sensors, development of satellite transponders in L-band (1-2 GHz), satellite airborne CDMA terminal 2-8 Mb/s, development of mobile telecommunications system to support multimedia services in HELLASSAT’s terminals
  7. applications of electromagnetism in Biomedical Engineering.